Annie Sloan Workshop 



I recently attended an Annie Sloan painting workshop and it was wonderful..

Margaret, who ran the workshop is an Annie Sloan trained facilitator and is the National Distributor of Annie Sloan Chalkpaint in Ireland.

Below is a picture of Margaret showing  different techniques

Margaret is also the owner of TwentySix a amazing shop which is located in Nenagh, Co.Tipperary, Ireland.

The Annie Sloan workshops take place in an Old Coachhouse in Castleconnell, Ireland.

Below is a picture of the Old Coachhouse 

  • To book a workshop you can email/phone:

067 32805

  • You can also find her on Instagram:


Below is a picture of the venue 

The day started off in Margaret’s amazing kitchen where we begin with some tea and coffee and yummy treats.. We started chatting about the ins and outs of using it. You can paint almost any surface with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint including fabric. Which I can’t wait to try!!

We spent the morning learning different techniques. Here’s a little flavour of what we did distressed paint using one or more colours, crackled paint technique, stencilling, decoupage and using the different ranges of Annie Sloan wax.

Below are the boards we used trying out different techniques

We took a break for lunch, what a treat we were in for the food was amazing.( all homemade by Margaret). We talked about all the different techniques we have learnt so far and about Annie Sloan herself and her love for painting.

Below is a picture of Chalk Paint used on some fabrics on display in the workshop 

On returning after lunch we finished our boards with our new found skills. This was a great opportunity to be creative and see what the paint can do on our own boards. I loved getting stuck in and having fun and being creative at the same time my own bored was telling me a story.

Below is a picture of a chair I upcycled using the skills I learned 

I was extremely happy with what I achieved.. I was very eager to get my stock I had preordered from Margaret during the week. I was so excited on my way home that evening, just thinking of all the amazing techniques I had learned and could not wait too try them all out..

Below is a picture of the amazing Margaret and myself.. 

I know you can read thousands of tutorials online for the Chalk Paint. But I as an Interior Designer I would  highly recommend doing an Annie Sloan workshop get advise from the experts. Plus you will also have a super relaxing and amazing day..

Below is a beautiful piece of furniture upcycled using Annie Sloan chalk paint on display in the workshop

Hope you enjoy reading my post..

Would  highly recommend doing a workshop with Margaret..


Can’t wait to do another one….

Elaine đź’—